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If you “Follow” my blog, you’ll know I’m a creating fool. I’ve been working on so many things that I almost (the operative word here) forgot to post!

What’s New:
I joined a really great site that caters to superiorly kind, nice, creative people like myself. It’s called “Lettermo” and its like, SO AWESOME.
Ever go to your mailbox all disappointed that all you see are bills and Chinese restaurant menus? Yeah, me too. So through Lettermo, I’ve been inspired to actually take the time to write & paint & sketch & cartoon & doodle my butt off. It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. But in order to continue to be inspired and to exchange some inspirational thoughts & ideas, I need to keep that group growing!  So if you’d like to share this artistic journey, I’d like to hear from you!

Send me ideas, write me, smoke signal, raven me (for you Game of Thrones fans), or send an owl (for you Muggles out there)!

Oh yeah and support my shop!


Have a great day!


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God Willing

My mom likes to add these two words when we say our goodbyes after a visit, so I’m familiar with hearing it.  For some reason, I never really sat down to think about just how precious these words are. They hold a new meaning for me now much more than goodbyes ever could. I KNOW that God shapes my life and that when someone dies, they don’t really die.  I know how I feel when I kiss my mom and hug my sister and how–with the passage of time-it becomes more meaningful.  But these are graces that God bestows. Likewise, I look back at this year and last year…how so many life-changing events took place leading to newer events and even bigger rewards.  And it’s all because of the Man Upstairs, the Head Hancho, The Big Cheese, Señor Awesome, Mister Perfect, The Great Googly Moogly…G-O-D. Thanks, Lord! (For y’know…EVERYTHING)

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Zero Visibility Is Snow Problem For Me (Am I A Flake?)


The view from my window made the decision of whether or not to go to work today pretty simple. 
But before the snow started getting really heavy, I was anticipating it.  Funny stuff happens when a person stands by their windows (at the ready) waiting for something you know is coming. 
I kept looking out of my apartment windows in hushed silence until I realized that it had already begun! The snowfall was just a fine dust that could only be seen when gazing in the golden hue of a streetlight…a subtle, slow, slanted fall.  It made me think of how tricky our eyes are, how they betray us, obscuring our views of what is occurring all around us. It made me stop to think about how easily our perceptions change as our focus shift to reveal truths that we hardly knew were working on us. 
I am acutely aware of just how unaware I truly am.  All of the people that putter around in the background of my life: how many am I affecting without even knowing? How many are being inspired, moved, motivated by their connection with me…real or imagined?
Yesterday, someone informed me that I had given them some sound advice, awhile ago, that profoundly changed their life. It made me feel nice and validated.  But then my eyes blurred and my brain started to cloud over like an impending snowstorm.  I tried with all of my might to recall what I had said; what great advice had I given?  I don’t even know why I felt the need to define it or justify it just then, but the guilt at not being able to remember made me feel badly.  Is it disingenuous of me? Am I really that vacuous that I could change the course of someone’s life-choices so mindlessly? Have I been so far removed from these moments shared that if you were to interrogate me, I would feign know where to begin?


My sister was talking to me the other day about “living in the moment” which irked me at the time because she’s been so existential as to cause overall annoyance. But, as what always happens, I now see her point. There are moments-whole chunks of my life–that I have obliterated from memory (whether by choice or happenstance). But now, as I grow older, I’m acutely aware that I don’t want to miss ANYTHING–not even the “bad” times (which are never truly bad when you think about it).  I mean, I watched someone die and was there for all of the great moments (which were never truly “great” either) too.  I want all of it.
That’s the stuff I get to take away with me when it’s my turn.  That way I won’t be left in an empty place wondering-wait, when did that happen? ‘Cause I’d already know.

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What I Know About Snow


Recently, I went online and made two big purchases.
Both arrived during snowstorms.

The first was a bookshelf which I wrote about here

The second was a couch which was delivered during a recent horrible snowstorm. For this delivery though, the sweat and panick (i.e. I didn’t cry this time) actually helped me enjoy the fullness of the experience. I doubt the deliverymen felt that way–considering one slipped halfway down the steps when he lost his grip and got pinned between the bannister and couch. Ouch! But hey, on my end, the delivery taught me to enjoy the present moment.

Are you getting all existential on me?

Um, yes…I mean…kinda-ish? Truth be told, there was nothing that I could do to avoid the delivery.  The facts were that the couch was being delivered and that it would be delivered during another one of a series of snowstorms hitting the East Coast this year.  I think we’ve had like, eight snowstorms?!  So yeah, I couldn’t just snuggle in my living room without aforementioned couch, so I needed to just deal.

I read my horoscope and it said something akin to “live in the moment” or “enjoy the moments” and while that sounds like a Hallmark card sentiment, it is the truth.  I had to clear out a path as the snow fell, however, which wasn’t my idea of a good time.  But it needed to be done and when I went out, shovel in hand, I realized that I was the only idiot outside.  Strong, messy, slanted snow fell like an icy rain and pelted me in the face.  My cheeks started to get that crimson glow from a combination of the reflective snow and cold, but I just worked on getting underneath the collected ice enough so I could salt it.  No-slip was not going to be achieved, but the least I could do was make it semi-manageable for the workers (two of them) to lift my couch up and in. I was able to get a good portion done and decided to take a break when I saw a singular neighbor–with the HUGEST UMBRELLA I’VE EVER SEEN–walk past the front of the house. I stopped, lay the shovel against the front end of the porch and stood in awe of Mother Nature. Not only was the snow falling slowly, but it as though the entire world had stopped (like that stop-watch Twilight Zone episode). I felt compelled, to write out in the snow that clung to one of the tree trunks in the front yard, my latest favorite motto: “I’m Still Here”.

The delivery itself was pretty painless so I am grateful to be able to have a real couch that can accommodate me better.

I really wanted the chance to stretch out. Here’s hoping no more deliveries in inclement weather.

*fingers crossed*

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<a title=”Postcards Exchange” href=”http://www.postcrossing.com/”&gt;
<img title=”Postcards Exchange” alt=”Postcards Exchange” border=”1″ src=”http://static1.postcrossing.com/images/banners/postcrossingbutton.png&#8221; />



I’ve been exchanging postcards for a few months now and I find that I really dig it.  If you’re a purist who likes to use snail mail, likes postage and loves to get cute unique postcards from all over the world, this is the website for you.  It gives you a little thrill to know that someone who you’ve never met took the time to actually write out a little something for you.  Support their lovely site.  It really is a dying art form.  Thanks!

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Postcards From the Edge (of my Life)

So now my postcard shop is up and running!  Just thought you’d like to know…




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Building Stuff

One of the distinct pleasures of being single is learning how to do for oneself.  This realization was a real challenge for me since I’ve never really done any handy stuff around the house.  I’ve always relied on a male friend to help me with anything that required assembly (even if secretly I wished to work on a project myself).

I got an opportunity to do just that, thanks to my strong telepathic message to the universe about doing something myself.  Enter, bookcase.


Now, I had no idea that this bookcase would require assemblage.  It wasn’t mentioned on the website that showed a real pretty final version of a bookcase that I have desperately needed since moving two years ago.  Modern websites are all designed this way and I’ve since learned my lesson–thanks to this doozy of a bookcase.  The day that this baby was delivered, it was snowing.  The delivery guy who dropped it off decided not to inform anyone and so it sat at the base of two flights of steps, leaning against the house.  Panic.  Not only was no one outside, but my landlord wasn’t around and after a few failed attempts at trying to lift the monster, I realized that there was no way I could lift it.  Not unless I were Lou Ferrigno or this woman.

After a few desperate minutes inside of my apartment, trying to warm my frozen hands, I realized that I would need help.  Fast.  Giant, fluffy flakes fell as I searched the neighborhood, blowing on my hands to keep them warm.  Most people were smart, snuggled warmly behind closed doors in their yummy, comfy houses.  My eyes had to adjust to see an older gentleman coming out of his home across the street so that he could shovel the sidewalk.  I knew that I had to seize the opportunity since there wasn’t anyone else I could ask.  Quietly, I asked if he could help me.  I soon realized that I had to ask him in Spanish because the man didn’t speak any English.  He was kind and obliging and I swear, if it wasn’t for him, I would have a damaged pile of shelves sitting outside the house in a heap.

I paid the man what I had (which wasn’t much) and got to opening the behemoth.  These shelves weren’t only extremely heavy, but packed tight with clear heavy plastic and cardboard and it was getting to be a ridiculous mess.  Not to mention that I had the second dilemma at hand: assembling the thing.  Panic again.

Oh my God how’m I gonna do this all by myself?  Who could I call to help me?  Is there anyone around?  Nevermind. Just buck up and DO IT, Lisa, don’t be an idiot.  You’re an Amazon.  You’re Wonder Woman.  YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

So I decided to begin working on it right away because I was so anxious to get it done.  I can’t say it was without a fair share of stumbles.  Firstly, I do not have all of the appropriate materials needed to make assembly easy.  I mean, I have like a baby-set of Phillips screwdrivers and a crappy $1 store hammer.  These aren’t exactly optimal tools, but I had to make do with what I had.  Remember the kitchen curtain fiasco?

I dug into the box and couldn’t believe how many parts there were.  I cursed men for inventing such ridiculously complex bookcases just so they could assert themselves as master-builders-of-the-universe.  A woman like me could think of a million and one ways of simplifying this design so as to reduce stress…a sort of zen carpentry, if you will.  Nuts, bolts, nails, pegs and items I didn’t know the name of were in the box along with super-heavy wood slabs and an instruction manual.  I got to it.

I cried, I pleaded to the gods, I stubbed my finger and broke the skin.  The backing, which seemed to be the hardest part, took a lot of nails to affix it to the shelves. It was a battle that I had thought I won when I made the first attempt to stand it up.  It was lop-sided and refused to stay standing!  Ugh.  Panic again.

Why won’t you stay up, you bastard?  Gonna give me a hard time, eh?  Well, you’re not going to beat me, you understand?!  You are not going to get me to give up.

But after several tries, I went back to the instruction manual and noticed a pile of bolts I had missed completely along with two instructional pages that were stuck together.  I had to concede.

The unit had to be disassembled and I managed to get help.  Now the bookcase is in one piece serving its function.  However, I did manage to learn a few valuable lessons that I wish to share:

  1. Never again will I order this type of furniture online.
  2. Pay attention to your instructions.  I cannot stress this enough.
  3. Use the appropriate tools to make your job easier.  Work smart, not hard.
  4. Know when to fold ‘em.  Thank you, Kenny Rogers.  You knew your stuff.

Tell me your assembly horror stories…I’d like to hear ‘em!

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