Haven’t written in a bit and it’s got me torn up inside. No, really. But I’ve been kinda busy these days trying to work with THE POWERS THAT BE. But more on that another time…

On a personal note:
I was sad to hear about the passing of an old friend of the family, Uncle Jimmy. A lot of people will feel that we are better off, even me sometimes, but there are a few things that I wish to share about this man that is worth a mention. I was told that his family has been hard-hit with consecutive tragedies and may not be able to even afford a service for Jimmy (aka Jimbo). So it is without further ado, I would like to introduce the bloggy world to this person. If for no other reason than that he knew my Dad. That, in itself, is worthy of respect.

My Eulogy for Uncle Jimmy:
A lot of people will not miss him. Sad to say that because he was truly a unique individual even though the world at large will probably never get to know that now. Dad introduced him to us as an uncle (as Puerto Ricans are wont to do though I don’t know why). In reality, Jimmy was my Dad’s best friend who helped my Dad find his first job of authority: Security Guard. It gave birth to my Dad’s career-path and it sparked a friendship that stood the test of time. Even though it was obvious from the beginning that Jimmy was kind of weird. I mean, the man was a naturally “tacky” kinda guy. He loved things like gaudy 70’s Studio 54 necklaces and nugget-gold rings for every finger. Sure, he always gave me and my sis “Christmas gifts” months after the season was over. Sure, it was almost always a rag doll he probably got at a dollar store or one of those hairbrush and mirror sets; but that was who he was. Did his kids–he had four–really need diamond-encrusted rings at the age of four? No!And why in the heck would he put VCR/cable in each of their bedrooms while he cried poverty? I dunno…But that’s the kind of Dad he was.

My sister’s Eulogy:
And this one goes out to Good ‘Ol Jimbo. A crass, idiotic, trashy,space-cadet marrying, Vegas-crooner dressing cop who saved our Dad’s life:“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, thenyou win. For we must remember to hate the sin and love the sinner.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Grand FINALE:
There you have it, folks! A person that was ~ at times ~ a complete schmo, but an endearing schmo nonetheless. May he rest in peace.

There you have it, folks! A person that was ~ at times ~ a complete schmo, but an endearing schmo nonetheless. May he rest in peace.


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