Monthly Archives: September 2005

Into the Light

In the past month there have been people coming out of the woodwork like cucarachas. And if you are aware of the nature of Hispanics, you know that this is event cause enough to be skeptical. Why now? I already … Continue reading

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It’s the Bloggiest…and so good for you!

So kiddies, where have I been you may ask? Nowhere. I’ve just been adjusting to my crazy life (aka La Vida Loca). Carlos returned to the hospital…again. This is what, the three-billionth time? Give or take a few. At least … Continue reading

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A Green Day Night

On 9/1/05, I went to see Green Day at Giants Stadium and it was a great concert. This was my 3rd concert of ever, the first two being: NIN and The Rolling Stones. I attended those ages ago. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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