Into the Light

In the past month there have been people coming out of the woodwork like cucarachas. And if you are aware of the nature of Hispanics, you know that this is event cause enough to be skeptical. Why now?
I already mentioned my ex’s son, Jerry showing up out of nowhere with his news ad surprise (which really wasn’t). But just over the weekend, while I tried in vain to recoup from Carlos’ hospital stay, I also received a call from Barbara. This cannot be a coincidence.
Those who know me know that Barbara (Carlos’ & my ex’s niece) had a HUGE falling out a few years back. The details are personal, sordid and confusing so I’ll spare everyone. No, really. Can’t post EVERYTHING to the blog otherwise you won’t read my book!
Even yesterday one of Carlos’ brothers (who has a long-pending feud w/ Carlos AND would never show his face in the broad light of day) left a birthday message. He even said, “I love you”. WEIRD, right?
So now I’m wondering what the hell is up with everybody?!
My initial reaction is one of shock and awe. My secondary reaction: What do you want? Most Puerto Ricans know that there is always a grassy knoll and that Chupacabras DO exist. That being said, here are a just few reasons that people re-connect after long periods of no contact:

  1. Money – Everybody’s looking for a hand-out…
  2. Maldiciones and mal-de-ojos No well-wishers here. What is known by the overly superstitious as “The Evil Eye” can also refer to the bad intentions that others bestow. The evil gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Insatiable Curiosity It’s the car accident concept. You always turn your head hoping that no one is hurt but secretly wishing you could see a little blood or a (GASP!)decapitation. C’mon, if you NEVER thought those things while passing, you’re lying.
  4. Boredom – Scenario: You’re at home pondering your existence, going over your Rolodex database. All of a sudden, a distant memory comes to mind and you figure, I would love to know what so-and-so is doing right now. Next, you find yourself running a query on Yahoo! people search…
  5. A Room W A View – This usually goes hand-in-hand with Reason #1. If someone is doing badly financially, they usually want to also find a place to rest their weary heads. But just so we’re clear on this: DON’T ASK ME.

But what are your stories of woe? I’d like to know…

Later Gators!


About Lisa Perez

Lisa M. Perez is a published poet, editor, copywriter, public speaker and artist. The co-creator of the first ever ArtSpace in Jersey City, member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists), and administrator for an online Mail Art group, Lisa supports the arts and advocates for creativity. Her successful, Art Journal and "Notes from my Brain" series are ongoing projects that evolve with the artist. In addition to being an active blogger since 2005, Lisa scripts and edits copy for various online articles and videos. In September 2017, she was a guest-speaker and virtually chaired a YOGA Recovery meeting. In her spare time, Lisa studies, reads, and creates while maintaining a day job in a STEM field and being a full-time fur-mommy to her shih-tzu, Cher.
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2 Responses to Into the Light

  1. JulieWinters says:

    Darn tootin’ woman!!! You know those PR’s are only out for a buck or anything else they can eak from you. Boo and/or hiss. I’ve been trying to write and/or call you because you were telling me the last time we got together that you wanted to hear more of me… so here you go:) Lovin’ you is easy cause’ you are marvelous!!! Latrz:P

  2. You left your poem Whispers under my poem Evening on the Summer Prairie, on LitKicks, in July.

    It is a beautiful poem, and I meant to thank you sooner.

    keep writing.

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