Sleep, Interrupted

You may wonder why I don’t update my blog, like on a daily basis. Scratch that. I may wonder why I don’t update my blog on a daily basis. The reality is…I’m too tired. This move is taking its toll and making me fuzzy. Not cuddly-huggy-bear fuzzy, but more like dazed-and-confused fuzzy. Fuzzy Wuzzy Fuzzy. I like that. So I’m sleepy and exhausted because this daily worry has manifested itself into a fluctuation in my sleep patterns. Basically, I can’t sleep soundly. This is the soup that, once stirred, makes a very cranky me. I hear that sleep deprivation in my 30s is kind of, y’know, common. How do I know this? Oprah wrote about it in her magazine. So now you know it’s true. Only, somehow her solution to the problem does not appear to be working for me. Maybe I’m just too anxious to motivate myself out of bed and create a masterpiece akin to the Mona Lisa. Maybe I just don’t want to disurb my family by turning on all of the lights to write in my journal. Maybe I’m too sleepy to roll out of bed to curl up in front of my pc to post to my blog. You get the idea. So, thanks Oprah (for nothing). Symptomatic, Hydromatic…It Must Be GREASED LIGHTNING: Have you ever been so tired that both your body and your mind are aware of the lack o’ sleep but can’t seem to work together to make it happen? Have you ever lied awake at night with a list of tasks, lists, ideas, plans, chores? Doesn’t it annoy you how much you have to do? Never fear, you can always gogogogogogogogo! That’s right kiddies! It’s better than Nyquil, better than Ambien…it’s GREASED LIGHTNING!!!!!! For just a small fee, feel better, look great in the morning, be as fresh as a daisy…anywhere, anytime! Goodbye circles under your eyes! Watch them disappear like magic!

If only…

But that fantasy is over. In truth, there is no greased lightning in a bottle (and no prototype, either) . So I guess

About Mema

I've been at this blogging thing since 2005, but I don't consider myself a veteran AT ALL. My posts are mostly well-meaning, fun anecdotes with the occasional random thought and a dash of humor for good measure. So sit back, relax, and stay awhile. And if you decide to browse elsewhere, just're missing out on an opportunity to meet (arguably) THE GREATEST PERSON THAT EVER LIVED. Overstated? Well, why not stick around to find out? Your call, tough guy. Or, gal. Or, martian.
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2 Responses to Sleep, Interrupted

  1. Missy Wayne says:

    HI Mema,Hey, I’ve been there and many other”dazzed” and “confused” areas, which I know, you know what I mean. But hang in there it all works out. Love ya! Missy

  2. Missy Wayne says:

    Hey Mema, This is Julie Winters. Please contact me ASAP so I can find out how things are going on the frount lines, and give you a little sage advice. And maybe a little cajan cookin’:)–>

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