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He’s not just a hummer

Now I know I’ve described the gentleman before who enjoys (ugh!)  humming to his heart’s content.  Well, now I’ve discovered some other random annoying talents (if you can call them that). No, it would be too restrictive for this man to … Continue reading

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The Vocal Stylings of the Weekend Crew

There is a new most unpleasant, habitual entertainment that I did not sign up for when I moved.  I experienced just a bit of it before when I commented about the late-night warblings of drunken skunks in the bar below me.  … Continue reading

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Riding the Oscar Wagon

I didn’t see Crash, but I “broke”-down (pardon the pun) to see Brokeback Mountain. First off, Carlos just didn’t want to see this movie.  Not because of the gay theme, but because he felt that he would be bored by a … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just have to worry about the grout

The other day, I was sick with worry.  I sat in front of my pc pondering the meaning of life, wondering where I’d be in the next few months (job-free) and sulking to my heart’s content.  I went to a bad … Continue reading

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What the hell is wrong with Christina Ricci?

So I’m watching “Dinner for Five”, a show on the IFC channel where various celebrities from the Indepent circuit sit around a table and chat about whatever young talent talks about.  The mix of talent is really good and can theoretically … Continue reading

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I Know You’re Dying to Know

Why’d I leave Blogspot? Two reasons, really. OK, there’s more…probably. The first is the simple strikethrough feature. I wanted to be able to strikethrough my text; a trend that Jamelah started. Yes, Jam you started a “trend”. I also thought … Continue reading

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Cheers to Human Ingenuity…”Hip, Hip, Hooray!”

Apparently, all you need to get creative is a blizzard. That’s right, folks. Snow makes Man (or Woman for that matter) turn to their most primitive natural instincts to find abstract solutions to their problems. A most beautiful concept. So … Continue reading

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