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Pounding Pavement

  Pounding Pavement, originally uploaded by Mema13. …life on the street. A truly difficult undertaking when regarding a young, aspiring artist and her journey into the wonderful world of adulthood. Step #1: Finding a job to pay for her art … Continue reading

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World Peace, Hunger and the Bendy ID

This particular post came about as a result of my recent obsessive behavior.  Basically, I’m all stressed out.  So when I am feeling all tied up in knots on the inside, I start getting all hypochondriac-ey and unusually obsessed with … Continue reading

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Y’know life is real hard for a pimp

I haven’t written because I’ve been sick.  Sick with a cold from the seventh circle of Hell.  So I haven’t been up to posting or feeling all cool and cutesy.  Turns out life is real hard…for a pimp.  Not to … Continue reading

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Foiled by a Futon

Picture this: an unseasonably warm winter day which sets the stage for my moving (long past ~ thank goodness). So I’m trying to figure out how in the heck I’m going to deal with: a) a moving truck which was … Continue reading

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Youth is Definitely Wasted on the Young

How does one compete with youth? It’s such a sad thing how quickly the sand runs and all of a sudden you’re my age wondering if you’ve been tapped out.   I just finished watching American Idol where one of the … Continue reading

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