The Wonderful World of Catch Phrases

Don’t ask me why, but I was thinking about the ever-growing list of catch-phrases.  We all know them: they’re in every commercial, every television show, every movie.  It is a way to bond or the means used to make us laugh.  Offhand I thought of some I’d mention here: Long Dead (R.I.P) :

  1. “Don’t have a cow, man.”
  2. “Where’s the beef?”
  3. “Time to make the doughnuts.”
  4. “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

The New Kids On The Block:From Rocky I, II, III, IV & V

    1. “ADRIAN!”

    2. “I must break you.”

    3. This is where the law stops and I start.” (Oops! Wrong Stallone movie.)

From Project Runway

    1. “Make It Work.”
    2. “You’re out.”
    3. “Where the hell is my chiffon?!”
    4. “Where’s Andre?”

From Being Bobby Brown

    1. “A Hell to the No!”

From Simple Life

    1. “That’s hot!”
    2. “You look sexy, bitch!”

From The Apprentice

    1. “You’re fired.”

 But then I wondered what are the makings of a good catch phrase?  I have a few ideas:

  • Brevity – We all have limited attention spans that aren’t even as long as this sentence.  So it’s important to be brief.  Five words or less is as good as it gets.  Keep it simple, pimple.
  • Delivery – The best phrases are memorable mostly because they become associated with the person who said the words.  Can you imagine anyone but Heidi Klum saying, ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ or Trump with his signature
    New York accent saying, ‘You’re fired’? Of course not.
  • Double-Entendre – Phrases that are play on words or loaded with innuendo and tongue-in-cheek humor often remain in people’s overloaded minds. 

Now it seems that everyone is trying to hit the mark in the catch-phrase industry.  But just because you spout non-sequitors and quotes galore doesn’t make you the King or Queen of catch-phrases.  Some of the best are spontaneous or carefully planned by dutiful marketing executives in the hopes that t-shirt sales and coffee mugs will increase.   Either way, the rest of us will continue to consume what we can and shell out the bucks to keep hope alive in the world of catch-phrases.  I myself have yet to ponder one for myself.  But if I ever find it, would you buy my t-shirt?‘Nuff said.  


About Mema

I've been at this blogging thing since 2005, but I don't consider myself a veteran AT ALL. My posts are mostly well-meaning, fun anecdotes with the occasional random thought and a dash of humor for good measure. So sit back, relax, and stay awhile. And if you decide to browse elsewhere, just're missing out on an opportunity to meet (arguably) THE GREATEST PERSON THAT EVER LIVED. Overstated? Well, why not stick around to find out? Your call, tough guy. Or, gal. Or, martian.
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3 Responses to The Wonderful World of Catch Phrases

  1. Dude – how about Pardon My French?


  2. LGrana says:

    How about,”No wire hangers, ever!!!” That’s all I could think of. Dah!

  3. Mema says:

    I always read Pardon My French. Really. But perhaps I require more traffic. So why dontcha talk to those knuckle-heads at google and let me know, Frenchman.
    Still love ya, babe!

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