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The Tragic Comedy Which Is My Life

I emailed the following list to my ‘best’ friend since the 7th grade.  She’s Yugoslavian, although I’m not sure what that means politically now.  I just don’t know enough about her country.  Anyway, she was the person who always said … Continue reading

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The Kids In America: Or, How Life Is Not A Stridex Commercial

This morning, I went about my daily routine.  I stopped at one of my favorite morning delis to grab a large coffee and just as I was reaching the doorknob to head out, a large team of teenage boys practically ran … Continue reading

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The Long Ride Home

I decided to ride the bus home because my feet had already led me halfway there.  I hadn’t expected to take the route through good old Jersey City and sometimes I talk myself out of it because it can have … Continue reading

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Alienated by your peers for calling someone the “N-Word”? Confused by your parents with their “Rules”? Hooked on Phonics?  Well, look no further ’cause we’ve got a solution for you….it’s called Rehab!  That’s right.  Rehab’s no longer for junkies or hookers … Continue reading

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Dream #1

I’m on the roof of some high-rise building.  I’m speaking to myself in voiceover format, talking about my relationship with my family (especially my grandparents in PR).  We’re all eating and having a good time: myself, my cousin Janet, my … Continue reading

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The Irrational Rationale & Why I Love My Crazy Mom:

Whenever I did something wrong and my mom caught me, she’d ask: “Why would you do that, daughter, when I told you 50 million times not to?”  Or, if she’d called you more than once and you didn’t answer she’d say: … Continue reading

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So the other night I had this dream that I was doing my laundry.  I’m in this dank, dark basement and I keep grabbing these large bags filled with clothes and transferring them to those laundrymat canvas carts.  But, I … Continue reading

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