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In “The Breakfast Club”, I’d Be The Basket Case:

The movie that made 80s teen angst a box-office draw actually is a morality play.  There is a reason why people, like myself, still watch it and it’s more than just nostalgia.  There are strong themes throughout that are real, human, … Continue reading

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If Life Could Fit In A Cracker Jack Box…

I still can’t get over the overwhelming big-ness of life.  It’s all encompassing rules, it’s sharp turns, and yes, its surprises.  Even when they’re not as pleasant as say,  a rub-off decal or miniature wipe-away board, it’s still a blast.  … Continue reading

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Blinking Cursor:

We Laugh.  We. The Fair Weather Friends so damned easy. How to catch their eye?  Tell them that they matter? How to get them all to believe that pretty little lie? That the star that shone on your cheek was … Continue reading

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Ghost Bogus

The Sci-Fi channel’s popular show, Ghost Hunters is a complete waste of air time.  What began as an experiment to prove the existence of the unexplained, has now become an experiment in futility.  Mildly entertaining, its viewers must be blind … Continue reading

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