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False Friends and Confusing Relations

I’d like to believe that I have a set of rules on being my friend that I’ve established from years of getting burned.  But every now and then, lurking in the shadows there are still the aura of false friends.  I say … Continue reading

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Shut Up & Speak Out

Post Live Earth and I’m feeling a bit…well, disappointed.  Probably the most important topic of our decade and we almost overlooked it.  Unless you’re addicted to entertainment news as I am, Live Earth was less than a Farm-Aid, We-Are-The-World, Woodstock … Continue reading

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Independence Day

So today it was Independence Day and unlike the movie, there were fireworks in lieu of a White House explosion.  Except these days, I guess a White House explosion would be more interesting (preferably with GW Bush in it).  So … Continue reading

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Old MeMa Was A Merry Ole Sole and A Merry Ole Sole Was She

When one feels old, there isn’t much that one can do to break the slump.  There really is only one way out and that is to feel your way through the experience, dark as it may be, and hurtle yourself … Continue reading

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My Conversation With My Favorite Author, Anne Rice:

I really hate to brag, but I have officially been exchanging emails with the divine Miss Anne Rice.  That’s right, my literary idol, the Queen of the Damned herself, author of the Vampire Chronicles and The MayFair Witches.  I’m a … Continue reading

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