Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Mole

Don’t ask me how this subject came to mind.  I was talking with someone and the subject of fads came up and I mused, “Whatever happened to The Mole?” Once a popular staple of aristocratic culture and high-fashion which inspired … Continue reading

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The Lo-Down on this year’s Italian Festival

Are you ready to get down and dirty? How about sweaty and disappointed? That’s about the truthful highlights behind this year’s Hoboken Italian Festival 2007 in honor of Madonna Dei Martiri (Virgin of the Sea). No, Jessica Simpson, NOT “Chicken … Continue reading

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Defeating A Bear

You see this harmless looking thing before you? His name’s, Bear.  But don’t let the seeming cuddly-ness throw you.  So much as mention the term: bath and it’ll spark a mighty reaction from Bear like you’ve never seen.  Nevermind that … Continue reading

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