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What We (As Women) Need To See In Our Lifetime

I’ve got a bone to pick with two women’s cable channels, namely We and Lifetime.  Both channels boast a line-up of television shows, series, and movies geared to entertain a female audience.  That’s fine.  Lord knows that most shows that air … Continue reading

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Hidden Messages

I abhor the back-door trickery and witchcraft of people who are attempting to guide you to see something that they see.  It’s a menacing and damaging practice.  If you got something to say, you should say it at the risk … Continue reading

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To Dunder Mifflin Infinity and Beyond…

I am huge fan of the tv show, The Office.  So I joined the latest online venture of a community of Schrute lovers that have so much to say… Welcome to the wonderful world of online paper!  On Friday, my … Continue reading

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