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One Outta Five Ain’t Bad

Leave it to my trusty sister and eternal sidekick, RoomWAView.  She managed to get me an assortment of teas!  Thanks, sis! Advertisements

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Wish List

Generally, on Christmas Eve, I like to ponder all of the gifts I could / should / will be getting.  So just for giggles, I thought I’d share…and I know I still owe you a review of The Bucket List, … Continue reading

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Spoilers Abound

So I caught the preview of both, “P.S., I Love You” and “The Bucket List”.  The experience was awesome and each were distinctively different.  Mainly, one sucked and the other didn’t.  But before I go on, I want to definitely reiterate … Continue reading

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CGI Killed The Cinema Star

Tonight I attended the Premiere of Will Smith’s new movie, “I Am Legend” in NYC’s Madison Square Garden.  I had the good fortune of acquiring these tickets through someone else’s kindness.  Carlos & I arrived early and I am so glad that … Continue reading

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Holiday Blues

Break out the egg-nog, tell Uncle Joe to behave himself, and strap on a festive hat…it’s The Holidays.  Or, as they’d say on the tv show, My Name Is Earl: “Feliz Navi-Blah”!  Yeah.  Whoopee. This season is beginning much the … Continue reading

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Battling The gods of Phlegm

At the turn of the weather, I always have to be wary and guard myself with all of the cold and flu protectorants known to Man.  Of course, I always fall ill just when I think I’m doing the right … Continue reading

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