Monthly Archives: July 2008

Cougar Pride

There are few things in life that I love more than blogging and chatting on Facebook.  Recently, I joined Facebook, I managed to get in touch with some old classmates.  After chatting awhile with them, I realized that they seem to be … Continue reading

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You Know What I Mean, Jellybean?

I hate it when people call new life experiences, “journeys”.  It just sounds icky and although I am quite aware that “life is a journey and not a destination”, it doesn’t bother my ears any less. The undercurrent of such yuck-factor … Continue reading

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Only The Strong Survive

Or, maybe it’s just only the stubborn.  Either way, Carlos is both.  After spending a week in the hospital, arguing over his doctor’s orders and challenging him to a duel, Carlos won.  This time, he was more reserved than he has … Continue reading

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One Day At A Time

Everyone has a vice.  Some of them are extremely detrimental and some are benign.  They make us human and vulnerable.  My vice is a the product of my lactose intolerance, tradition, and I dare say, our family heritage.  It is an addiction … Continue reading

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The Real Point of Vacations

Since I am currently on vacation for a week, I began mulling over this topic obsessively because I really didn’t have any plans for the period that I was out.  The biggest problem is that I felt guilty if I … Continue reading

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Provoking Thought All Around The World

This is a really pertinent question that I’d like to pose to my audience (yes, all two of them).  I suppose I could just about stand all of the cutesy nicknames that love has a tendency to produce.  But once … Continue reading

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