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Let’s Get All Presidential

Here’s what I heard (taking artistic license and reading between the lines): No more tax breaks for the rich. Cut excessive spending.  Lots of big, scary figures like: 400 billion, 18 billion, 300 billion.  Ear-something or other that’s bad spending. … Continue reading

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More Blood

The last two weeks have been pretty depressing.  My friend dies, I go to see Equus on 9/11, and I’ve been suffering from the nastiest bout of chronic bronchitis two months before schedule. So no, I’m not all that cheery.  But … Continue reading


Love, Yvette

Today I thought of you and wrote an entry into a blog you’ll never read because you’re gone. I had no idea that it’d be so sudden.  But then again, it always is.  The other day, I almost had forgotten.  … Continue reading

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Urban Artists

I have always been fascinated by graffiti artists whose artistry compliments their neighborhood rather than desecrates it.  Sometimes I play a little game of trying to decipher their meanings which sends me off daydreaming to the point where I am … Continue reading

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You See I Got Me These Nine Lives

Politics, scratching at the back door…Meow! Pfft, pfft I’m just about sick about the whole campaigning and all and I’ve got a bone to pick with my sis over politics.  It isn’t the direction that I want to take at … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Doing With My Time

On East 10th Street and Second Avenue, there is a small hole-in-the-wall space in a church that serves as a location for a small off-off-off Broadway production dubbed the Ontological-Hysteric Incubator.  Walking into the space was definitely a different experience than I … Continue reading

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Smelling the Roses (and not Pee)

So remember all of those posts where I name some of my pet peeves?  Yeah.  Living in the city can inspire rather voluminous listings.  Lately though, I’ve paid more attention than usual to bad habits that should be second-nature to me, … Continue reading

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