My Latest Obsession

Did I mention my latest obsession with Twilight? The reason I know is that I’m making these:
Bella's Decision0002

Edward vs Jacob0002

Now, I’ve joined and am considering a trip to Italy.  Help me from myself, people.  But since I am on the subject, I want to throw some insight on what I think most 30-somethings are getting from the novels.

  1. Fantasy – Fans seem to like the idea that Edward’s a vamp and Jacob’s a werewolf.  That’s pretty much the same audience that gravitates to this sort of phenom in the first place.  We like the voluntary suspension of disbelief. 
  2. Someone To Watch Over Me – Faith in intangible figures that serve as guardians; protectorates of  humankind interest people.  Whether these have religious affiliations (angels) or non-doctrine ones (aliens), the notion of being cared for by otherworldly beings–that have mysterious gifts and special abilities–is intriguing.
  3. Love & Romance – I can attest that I originally hated the Twilight books because I kept thinking that it was way too romance novel-ish for me.  Then lines like these happened:

But I’m not.  There’s something wrong with me.  I don’t have the ability to pass on the gene, apparently, despite my stellar bloodlines.  So I become a freak–the girlie-wolf–good for nothing else.  I’m a genetic dead-end and we both know it.

Tell me that isn’t the most heartbreaking thing you’ve ever read.  Being barren and not wanting to be.  Ugh.  Tortured me to no end.  That’s just to name a few.  I’m sure I’ll come up with more.


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