Tour of the Century

I am psyching myself up for what promises to be the Tour of the Century for Twilight fans everywhere…TWI TOUR 2009!  Yeah!

First of all, let me begin by stating my recent love affair with all things Twilight.  For those who do not understand the obsession, I refer you to other such phenoms like: Star Trek, Star Wars, and yes, Harry Potter.  Fanaticism is more about the expression of latent psychological needs, wants, desires, and fantasies.  It is about connection and unity.  It is about technology and mutual interests.  When I look at another Twi-fan and scream, “Team Jacob!” at the top of my lungs, there’s a community spirit that I am now a part of.  Now what does a 30-something woman have in common with this series of books to warrant such admiration?  To know the truth, you have to go far back in my history to understand.

I am a movie-buff.  However, when people saw the movie Twilight, they were–to put it mildly–less impressed with the visual representation of the books.  Since I began reading the books AFTER I saw the movie, I agreed with this initial assessment.  I don’t want to say that reading the novels swayed my judgement on the movie as a whole, but in many ways it got me to fully appreciate the nuances in the script, the longing glances, and the slow pace of the film.  There’s a lot going on psychologically to the characters and most of the books reside in internal dialogue that is really, really hard to capture on-screen.  So in that way, the movie was successful.  It brought to life two stunning characters one of which is supposed to be extraordinarily ordinary and the other who is supposed to be supernatural.  My introduction to the series was backward, but when I read them, I understood.  It is a beautiful story albeit disturbing as all relationships can be (at one point or another).  It is also bringing out the hopeless romantic in me!  So I love, love, love the books and am particularly interested in the artsiness of the whole thing.  Hopefully, it turns out great!

As part of my obsession, I’ve uploaded some Twilight sketches I made before and cross-promotion of a very great set of Twilight parody artists: Hindi who’ve created a business out of impersonating Twilight Hilly & Hannah characters.  Watch their stuff on Youtube or follow them on Twitter.  I promise you, they are worth your time.

<a href=”” title=”The best photo ever. on Twitpic”><img src=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ alt=”The best photo ever. on Twitpic”></a>


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