Cuckoo For Yummy Wolf Boys (or Break Me Off a Piece of The Pack)

TwiTour 10

On 08/30/09, I attended the Twilight Convention 2009 in Parsippany, NJ with my sister, Elizabeth & step-daughter, Sara (Above).  The three-day convention was scheduled for Friday through Sunday.  Of course, since I didn’t plan, the tickets I scored for Friday had one teensy little problem: me and my sis couldn’t get off of work.  Details, details.  So after much freaking out, attempts at reselling (Hello, Craigslist!) and offering the tickets to friends, colleagues and family, I finally got the venue to honor the “non-refundable” tickets for Sunday instead.  Sweet.

Getting to the event was actually easy. 

The day began at 5:30am (when I had told Sara to be ready).  However, I myself didn’t physically leave the house with Eli until about 6:30am (Sorry, Sar).  After we picked her up, it was all business.  With directions in hand, we made our way and luckily, the directions were clear and perfect (Thanks, Mapquest).  We arrived just in time to walk into the main auditorium for the Charity Breakfast. 

The auction itself was for a worthy cause (dispicable cancer) and I felt as though I was kind of a cheater because I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything.  But, I did listen to the public speakers carefully–even though the loud buzz surrounding the guest celebs sort of took the edge off of each testimonial.  While the actors wandered the room, a young woman was attempting to talk distressingly about her battle with the disease while cute boys worked the room…definitely distracting!

We got to meet every actor in close-proximity, though; I was shocked that they each sat down and talked to each table, fielding all sorts of questions and comments.  This was the nicest part of the day because it was so informal and relaxed.  In true I-was-born-under-a-lucky-star form, I had the good fortune of making sure the empty seat for the celebs was right next to Sara so that she could really get her one-on-one time.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  The downside?  No photographic evidence (except for this one).  Boo and hiss.

TwiTour 3

We managed to maneuver to a table with two gals from Kentucky and a lovely woman with her two daughters.  They were all friendly and obsessively fanatic which proved to be a plus because it helped inform me on some tidbits that I would have never gotten had they not been there.  The actors were shockingly good-looking, sweet and Disney-nice.  Chaske leaned his foot against Sara’s chair–in repose–and Eli got to shake Kiowa’s hand.  To wit she added, “I’m never going to wash this hand again…except after eating.” LOL!

When the breakfast / auction was over, we went into the ante-room which had all of the sort of fanfare you’d expect to find at any convention: tables filled with memorabilia, photos, trinkets, T-shirts, etc.  We even got to meet the Hillywood gang, a group of teen Twilight impersonators who are just a lovely group.  As hosts of the convention, they also succeeded in reenacting some key Twilight scenes that Twi-hards–like myself–could enjoy.  They did a helluva job and Sara even took some pics with them:

TwiTour 12TwiTour 11

But the best was yet to come…

The first two actors to hit the stage were Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) and Edi Gathegi (Laurent).  Topics included: James Lipton & Rush Hour impersonations, acting as a profession, and a hilarious impression of a young girl Edi endearingly named, Kelly.  By the end of their Q&A session, I was completely entertained and became a true Edi Gathegi fan.  He was hilarious! 

TwiTour 16

Another highlight of the convention were the Wolf Pack, which consisted of convention first-timer Kiowa Gordon (Embry), Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), and Alex Meraz (Paul).  All three were adorable and at one point inspired Sara to new verbal stylings as she yelled, “Yummy Wolf Boys!!!” at the top of her lungs.  I think that’s the most motivated I’ve ever seen her.

 TwiTour 35_Yummy Wolf BoysTwiTour 34_Kiowa, Chaske, & Alex

Overall, Sara got personally autographed photos with some aforementioned Yummy Wolf Boys, Edi Gathegi and Justin Choe (who misspelled her name, but whateverz :p)

TwiTour 27

The best part was that I instantly became my step-daughter’s hero and female bonds were reinforced so…mission accomplished!


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Lisa M. Perez is a published poet, editor, copywriter, public speaker and artist. The co-creator of the first ever ArtSpace in Jersey City, member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists), and administrator for an online Mail Art group, Lisa supports the arts and advocates for creativity. Her successful, Art Journal and "Notes from my Brain" series are ongoing projects that evolve with the artist. In addition to being an active blogger since 2005, Lisa scripts and edits copy for various online articles and videos. In September 2017, she was a guest-speaker and virtually chaired a YOGA Recovery meeting. In her spare time, Lisa studies, reads, and creates while maintaining a day job in a STEM field and being a full-time fur-mommy to her shih-tzu, Cher.
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