Twilight Saga: Eclipse




So here’s the verdict:
Did I love it? YES.
Is it worth the price of admission (in the voice of Jacob): Sure, sure.
Does it totally validate the other films?? YES.
Were there yummy wolf boys (and were they appropriately shirtless): OF COURSE!
Did Edward finally grow a pair? YUP.
Were the flashback / vamp backstories represented the way I imagined them? Um, no. But it was ok.
How was the new Victoria? Not that great. I liked the original Victoria. I thought she was more menacing.
Were the fight scenes worth it? YES. FINALLY.
Were the romance scenes believable? YES.
Was the Jacob / Bella romantic triangle convincing? ABSOLUTELY.
Did you want (as an audience-member) secretly envy Bella’s predicament? YES.
So, what was missing?? Carlisle’s back-story. A graphic revenge-murder-of-Royce scene. More Volturi scenes. More Esme. More scenes with Seth & Leah Clearwater. That’s pretty much it.
Overall, I think that David Slade did a great job in bringing back the humor & love-story. It was lovely to watch. And, it’s also a success because I want to watch it again. And I will! Can’t wait!


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