Monthly Archives: August 2011

Buddhas and Bridezillas

FloraV and I were determined to make sure that the bride would have a blast on the day of her wedding.  But first, we had to take the pin out…literally and figuratively. The funny thing that I’d noticed was that … Continue reading

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Anna Banana and The Cracker Barrel Goodness

The first day of my vacation proved to be satisfying, but it wasn’t yet over.  We had been exchanging text messages with the bride-to-be the entire day and knew that we’d eventually see her.  Sure enough, we arrived at the … Continue reading

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The Tortoise & The Hair

Well, I’ve returned from my vacation feeling refreshed and renewed.  It actually was the kind of trip that I’d been hoping to take for a long time in that it was revealing and genuinely rejuvenating.  Okay, I promise to stop using … Continue reading

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