Why I’ll Never Survive A Zombie Attack

Recently someone notified me that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has included a strategic plan of preparedness in the event of a zombie outbreak. (Don’t believe me? Lookie here: www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm)
This of course is not a likely scenario, but it is an exercise to encourage people to offer creative solutions to all sorts of potential events. 
So of course, my mind being a constantly moving thing, I started to imagine whether or not I could survive a zombie attack…and my conclusion is that I’d. Be. Toast. Or rather, I’d make some lucky zombies a tasty meal because…I’m delicious!
The Zombie Apocalypse, if a widespread infection would only hold if I had an immunity to the outbreak.  I don’t believe I have any special genetics that would make me immune, so there goes that theory.  And let’s face it, if the outbreak were as bad as in The Walking Dead, I would most likely be shopping around for a bad-ass protector like, Michonne to extend my years. If subway workers, maintenance people & transportation workers were infected, imagine the nightmare that would ensue. For most people, like myself, the notion of walking anywhere would bring about inner turmoil. I’ll tell you how much…I’m inconvenienced when my local escalator is out of order. Can you imagine a real threat that would involve more than one flight if stairs?! The horror!!!
But, I always choose to look on the bright side…maybe I’ll fall in love with a zombie & make him human again à la Warm Bodies. If I prepare early enough, I just may be able to transform him before I hafta smell his reeking morning breath… just saying…


About Mema

I've been at this blogging thing since 2005, but I don't consider myself a veteran AT ALL. My posts are mostly well-meaning, fun anecdotes with the occasional random thought and a dash of humor for good measure. So sit back, relax, and stay awhile. And if you decide to browse elsewhere, just remember...you're missing out on an opportunity to meet (arguably) THE GREATEST PERSON THAT EVER LIVED. Overstated? Well, why not stick around to find out? Your call, tough guy. Or, gal. Or, martian.
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