Someone’s Egg Is Another’s Potatoes

Scrambled Reality:

This holiday season and year-end has been absolutely, positively beautiful.  I’ve been turning my thoughts internally which is kinda why my blog is suffering since most of my entries were generally progress reports centralized on ego, ego, ego.  Online personas know the challenges of attempting to maintain healthy personal personas while building an online image.  I now have no interest in that.  I don’t care about trying to live up to anything other than being myself. Therein lies the conundrum of the century…how much sharing is too much sharing?  Also, what portions of my life which once were free-for-all are suitable for public consumption?  Will it be interesting or not?

This Moment Put It All Into Perspective:

This Christmas, my sister decided that we should just go ahead and select our own gifts.  I mean long gone are the days of being surprised and all of that.  It really is just silly now that we’re adults.  We went ahead to a major department store and walked around the aisles, trying to look for things that we’d like to buy as gifts.  After perusing, I finally settled on an egg-shaped bird-feeder that I could put up in the Spring.  My sister laughed because she’s always said I am hard to shop for, but I’ve always felt that I was really easy…

When we go back, she wanted to add beautifully decorated gifts under the tree and I agreed that it would give our five-year-old stepbrother a positive impression.  Knowing how humble my stepbrother is, I realized that this is a ridiculous thought; he probably wouldn’t even notice.  But to appease FloraV’s interest in wrapping gifts, I thought that it would be nice to add my birdfeeder and wait until Christmas to open it. My sister kept staring at it because she said there was something very odd about it that she couldn’t put her finger on.  I didn’t understand what she meant.

Then came Christmas Day…

My stepbrother Pito is a rather boisterous child on Christmas and always takes it upon himself to open up every gift regardless if it’s his or not.  This cracks me up now but used to be really annoying prior years when I didn’t understand the concept of five-year-old wonder.  Now, I just give him my gifts as he rips them apart…what can you do? He’s FIVE. 

As soon as he grabbed the gift-bag with the wooden bird-feeder, he pulled it by the long cord (used to hang it on a tree) and said out loud: “It’s a Potato!!”  The light-bulb went on for my sister as she started cracking up laughing in agreement.

I don’t care.  I still love my egg-shaped bird-feeder.  Just can’t wait until Spring is here in like four more months…*sigh*


About Mema

I've been at this blogging thing since 2005, but I don't consider myself a veteran AT ALL. My posts are mostly well-meaning, fun anecdotes with the occasional random thought and a dash of humor for good measure. So sit back, relax, and stay awhile. And if you decide to browse elsewhere, just're missing out on an opportunity to meet (arguably) THE GREATEST PERSON THAT EVER LIVED. Overstated? Well, why not stick around to find out? Your call, tough guy. Or, gal. Or, martian.
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