Sometimes I Have To Remind Myself That I Have No Curfew


While I get over what will be respectfully known as THE WORST FLU I’VE EVER HAD EVER, I am aware that my sleep patterns were a bit affected. My days consisted of mostly getting up, taking my over-the-counter medications, and going back to sleep. I foolishly thought that it was an overnight bug like the stomach viruses going around, but after a week-long ordeal that involved visiting a doctor, I realized that it wasn’t going to be a quickie illness.

Here’s the thing, though: While I was in my hallucinatory stupor, I actually thought that I was going to get a lot accomplished! My brain kept insisting that I could probably catch up on household chores (which didn’t happen), creative projects (yeah, right), and reading (as if concentration and focus are piqued when people are ill). It was all folly. But I actually started to brow-beat myself until I reached the inevitable conclusion: sick people are not productive…hello!

I was able to catch up on much needed rest since I’ve been kind of going and going like the Energizer Bunny. So I would spend most of the day unconscious and then I’d be wide-awake watching bad television at say, two- three- four-o’clock in the morning. Not even the birds were chirping.

Then just when I thought I was ready to go into work and begin my life, it snowed. Badly. And of course, I was snowed in with almost a foot of the pretty, white stuff that looks like a Winter Wonderland until you realize that you have to shovel that crap. So since I was already stuck at home, I took to looking out the window and marveling at the ice-formations on the window that really made the whole world seem picturesque.

Ice Formations

    MY Fortieth Birthday

It truly did come without much fanfare, but I had forgotten just how much fun I could have all by myself. Since it fell on a weekday, I knew I wouldn’t be able to celebrate with my family, so I went it alone. I did get to accomplish dancing (in my kitchen) but hey, beggars can’t be choosers…I also got to catch up on some movies and sang at the top of my lungs to “Who Let The Dogs Out?” Who, indeed?

Dem’s Da Rulz:

The notion of getting older, I’ve realized is that it is an excuse for your body to finally say, “Yep. It’s over, kid. Don’t expect me to do nuttin’.” So I’m forgiving myself for going a little slower than usual and for sleeping in way longer than when I was a teen. I have an added plus that I don’t really have to be in bed by 9pm. Not unless I want to. I also know that age comes with all these powers to see that the rules that were created for me to maintain stability and a sense of normalcy no longer apply. Woo hoo! So I danced around in my underwear, stayed up very late and left the tv on while I slept…and I didn’t feel the least bit guilty when I had a second helping of he rich chocolate birthday cake.

Don’t worry, I saved ya a slice! 😉


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